Why we need translation in Malaysian Sign Language?

Many people initially do not comprehend why Deaf people would need a Bible in MySL. They thought if one could read in English, one would also be able to decipher the words and meanings in the written Bible. However, many Deaf Christians in Malaysia have problems grasping the meanings in the Bible because of low educational level and reading level in addition to the fact that the Scripture is not in their native language. By having the Bible translated into MySL, the Deaf will be able to "read" and understand God's words in their own language.

During church services, a hearing Sign Language Interpreter is usually engaged to interpet the sermons into MySL for the Deaf Congregation. Sometimes, a Deaf Interpreter is required to relay from the hearing Interpreter into a more natural SL so that the Deaf could better sense of it. By having a Bible and biblical resources in MySL, the Deaf will soon have their own pastors and preaches to share and deliver sermons in their native languages.

Sign Language, a facet of cultural affinity amongst the Deaf Community is an important source of strength, stability and identity for the community.